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Why do we do this? Very briefly...

Inequality is caused by the deregulation of democratic regulatory bodies (aka the government) through intense lobbying, political and financial pressure (we might even call this "bribing") from giant corporations in positions of power to amass even more power in the current capitalistic system. 


Now, we fall into the trap whereby democratically chosen regulatory bodies are either corrupt or so defunct that they no longer serve a purpose... who now decides to hold the mantle over whether a company is considered to be "fair" or have "good values"... the corporations themselves. Dictatorial inequality ensues.

We must therefore invoke our power and our voices wherever and whenever we can. If we pay for an item or service, we should have a say about whether or not the profit from that item or service is spent in environmentally degrading, inequality increasing ways... or whether it should be spent better. 

As you know, 10% of all profits from PJ Consultants are donated to small-scale retrofit SuDS schemes for the mitigation of flood risk, the improvement of the local area, amenity and biodiversity and as a response to the climate emergency. As a significant and valued actor in this company, the type of project we choose to donate to is up to you.


Please vote below or provide your own suggestions via the below form with as much detail as possible. 

Pear Tree

Project Idea 1 - Fruit trees for communities. 

Whilst not expressly a sustainable drainage system, we all know the impact that the climate emergency and rising sea levels is going to have on food security within our communities. Locally-grown plant-based food is the most climate friendly and carbon efficient method we have to addressing this issue, with the main benefit being that of creating a community that gather around food as a shared resource. 

In addition, the presence of trees in the landscape will also increase biodiversity, amenity, as well as reduce run-off through interception (within the canopy for example) and provide run-off volume reductions through evapotranspiration. 

Girl with Umbrella

Project Idea 2 - Retrofit SuDS in schools for education (fun!) purposes

Children are fascinated by water, how it moves through the landscape allows for natural curiosity to arise. Where does it come from? Where does it go? Let's release rainwater from within the confines of pipes and underground (out of sight, out of mind) and let it interact with the landscape and allow for education by osmosis. 

This can be as simple as installing a rain-chain or waterwheel on a rainwater downspout prior to outfall, or as complex as incorporating rainwater into the play space, allowing for direct interaction. Through the observation of water over time, we learn about hydraulics, we learn about physics... perhaps most importantly we learn that water is a precious resource that can be utilised before it 'disappears'. 

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Your vote will ensure that 10% of profits from working with us will go to this project, and we will work with local councils and local community led action groups to carry out this project idea. Please let us know if you don't want credit or updates about the project by ticking the anonymous box... there's absolutely nothing wrong with credit... in fact it encourages similar industries/businesses/individuals to think the same - i.e. what can they do to help their local community?